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Overflow is a ministry that helps students (6th-12th grade) connect with God, other students, and with older, committed leaders who have a burning desire to see students grow closer to Jesus. We believe that the future of the church depends on helping future leaders live out their relationships as real, authentic Christ-followers. Overflow is a weekly gathering of worship, small groups and activities designed specifically to reach the hearts of our students.

Overflow Worship

Weekly worship occurs on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Overflow worship is exciting and impactful. Music is fast paced and engaging. Sermons are presented at a level they can understand, relate to, and put into practice. And activities are geared to help students have fun and create a desire to return every week.

Overflow Groups

The best way for students to grow is within the setting of a small group of peers. Overflow groups are age-appropriately organized, each with their own adult leader and create a safe environment where students can share their successes, struggles and learn together. Overflow group meetings are held immediately after worship. We know that students have a lot on their schedules, so we try to make the most of the time they attend Overflow.


Once your student checks into Overflow, they are escorted by trained volunteers into worship. Every volunteer working in Overflow has been interviewed by Overflow staff and has passed a federal background check. Security personnel are always present, monitoring hallways and all areas where Overflow activities are conducted.


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Join us Sundays 9:30 and 11:00am

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